Golf Leagues

Beacon Woods Hosts Golf Leagues 7 Days A Week

Beacon Woods Golf Course is proud to play host to golf leagues 7 days a week.  Leagues offer a variety of benefits for lovers of the game.  That’s why they’ve steadily been growing in popularity.  Golfers are anxious to get out and play more often but sometimes have difficulty connecting with other players.  Golf leagues offer the perfect avenue to hook up and play with people of similar age and skill levels.

Beacon Woods appreciates league play as it fosters the growth of the game.  We work with league administrators to accommodate scheduling, communication and public relations and posts, including individual scores and team standings.  We welcome corporate , restaurant, small business, junior or any other kind of league you might be interested in forming.  Contact our congenial pro shop staff to find out how Beacon Woods can host your league play.


Beacon Woods Golf Leagues

Benefits To League Sponsors

Research shows that businesses who sponsor golf leagues enjoy increased camaraderie through teambuilding and getting to know co-workers better.   After all, Beacon Woods is an ideal setting to spend 3 or 4 hours together walking and talking.  And golf stresses concentration and commitment, two of the prime values businesses require from their employees.  It also emphasizes good sportsmanship and etiquette, two traits that nurture trust and cooperation.  It’s a win-win situation for employees and employers alike.

Individual Benefits Of Belonging To A League At Beacon Woods Golf Course

It’s all about bridge building.  Leagues offer a convenient way for players to find other players with common interests and skill levels.  Friends and family members may be golfers, but sometimes opt to play at a private club.  In a league setting, players have a friendly conduit right past that barrier.

Health Benefits Of League Play

The health benefits of golf have long been lauded for people of all age groups.   Golf reduces stress and increases concentration, helping the golfer to relax in its almost meditative way.

Call the Beacon Woods Pro Shop today to find out all the details you need to know about either joining or starting a league. Don’t forget to ask about our rates!